Veg Ramen

Veg Ramen

Mar 19, 2022 6:41 PM
Its all in the broth. Maintaining broth temperature after serving is the key. Heat the bowls, keep everything as hot as possible. Make sure you have enough broth for everyone. Less broth = Failed dish

If you are topping with soy marinated soft boiled eggs, start with this as it takes the most time to prep.

Soy marinated soft boiled eggs:

Ingredients: Eggs, Soy sauce

  1. Bring water to boil
  2. Add large eggs and keep the heat for 7 minutes 30 seconds
  3. In the meanwhile prepare ice bath
  4. Transfer cooked eggs into ice bath to stop them from cooking
  5. Peel the eggs and add them to soy sauce in a ziplock bag and let it rest until we use it in ramen assembly.

Soy marinated Tofu:

Ingredients: Extra firm Tofu, Hoishin sauce, Soy sauce

  1. Drain out water by putting heave weight on tofu
  2. Marinate tofu in soy sauce and Hoishin sauce
  3. Pan fry the tofu with some breading
  4. Use extra firm or firm tofu as it is easy to handle throughout. Soft tofu will simply fall apart.


Ingredients: Miso paste, Vegetables, Bottoms of spring onions, Mushrooms, Thai Chilli/any Chilli, White Onion, Sesame oil, Tamari, Hoishin sauce, Ginger, Salt

  1. Roast all vegetables, mushrooms, diced white onions, chillies in sesame oil
  2. Use a good quality vegetable broth to skip this step.
  3. Add water, julienne cut ginger/galangal (and a little bit of garlic if you want) to roasted veggies and slow cook for as much time as you have (atleast an hour/until veggies are mushy).
  4. Prepare toppings while this is cooking.
  5. Smash veggies in between from time to time.
  6. Strain the solids out and pressure press to extract everything from the solids
  7. Put the liquids on the pot and add water, miso paste, tamari, hoishin sauce, salt and boil in in medium and keep adding water to get it to the amount of broth you want in the end


  1. Follow instructs on your noodle packet.
  2. Cook for 10-15 secs less than instructed so you don’t have to flash cool them. (Flash cooling them and adding them to broth will reduce broth temperature which is undesirable)
  3. Noodles is the last step in the entire ramen process, so, you boil them just before you assemble


Add as is:

  1. Chilli oil
  2. Spring onions
  3. Seaweed
  4. Sesame oil - if you want some oily consistency
  5. Enoki Mushrooms - raw

Add with modifications:

  1. Roasted sesame seeds (can’t recommend enough)
  2. Pan roasted bok choy (roast in sesame oil) (optional: coat with miso before roasting)
  3. Soy marinated soft boiled egg


  1. Add noodles into the bowl
  2. Add broth into broth
  3. Add toppings
  4. Enjoy! (may be with some Soju)