Feb 11, 2022 11:53 PM


“As someone with a PhD transitioning from academia to tech (data science), Sandeep has been very helpful. It can be a lonely and challenging process, and I am extremely grateful to have met him. I feel like I have made a lifelong friend and mentor. I went to Sandeep for mock interviews related to behavioral and technical assessments. He has experience interviewing at all the top tech companies. Beyond that, he has been a support for me through my ups and downs.”
“I had a great experience doing a mock interview with Sandeep. He is a great resource detailing each nuanced aspect that can be improved. In addition to this, he also shared external resources and mock interview recording, which is helpful.

What sets him apart from other folks is he is doing this for the social cause. For every dollar put by you he puts another and contributes to the non-profit organization, this is very noble and kind of him!”

“Sandeep was nice to talk and easily approachable person with lot of passion for his expertise. He listens to you and very humble and above all had patience to explain which is not easy to get these days.”


"Sandeep has great knowledge on the topic and does a very effective job of communicating the practical uses of SQL to the student. In addition, Sandeep deeply cares about his students and the topic he teaches. That shows by how open he is to work with students one on one to get them to understand the topic."
"One of the best instructors I've ever had. No fluff, every word out of his mouth was relevant and applicable. He also gave us access to external tools for optional additional practice. No busywork, no attendance grade, and assignments that both reflect the content and are difficult enough to study for."
“I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your help not only in your SQL class but in giving me advice afterwards. I am about 3 months into my role now and use SQL every day. Your class is the ONLY reason I was able to land this job where almost all the workers were computer science majors. I am so appreciative of the skills you taught as well as helping me learn how to learn coding. You were the most influential professor I had during my time in undergrad- I got a job I enjoy doing primarily through your advice and help.”
“With your help, I was successfully admitted by Columbia University, University of Southern California, National University of Singapore, Washington University(St. Louis), Duke University, and so on. One of the best things for me in 2019 is that I chose to take your IDSC 3103 course!”
“Sandeep was so kind and helpful and a great resource for when you're struggling. We need more professors like him!”
“Sandeep was very engaging during lecture. In most classes, if I have the option I will stay home and take notes on my own, but Sandeep made it worth coming to the lecture”