Behavioral prep

The key idea for this interview is to guage what kind of a person, teammate you will be and what experiences you had. This is the best time to showcase your strengths and show that you are aware of your weaknesses and are working on them. I feel this is more of a damage control round in the sense that you need not impress them with your stories and answers as much as you need to make sure you don’t bomb this or say things that turn them off (eg. I have no weaknesses. I am perfect)

  1. The best way to prepare for this round is to curate stories that have had an impact on you and helped you learn and grow. Have 5-6 of them and when a question is asked, you can relate it back to one of these stories.
  2. There are ways to structure your answers using some methods like STAR and others which help. More about that in the link below.
  3. Be likable and genuine. It goes a long way
  4. As always, practice with your friends. That helps a lot. You don't even need experts to conduct this mock interview. Just do it with your roommate, partner, or sibling.
  5. Clifton strength assessment will help you understand your strengths and knowing your strengths can help you answer behavioral questions with more confidence. Cannot recommend this more.
    1. You can take yours here.
  6. Sometimes, your strengths can be your blind spots which could be considered as your weaknesses. Use the below link on how to relate your Clifton strengths to weaknesses

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