Offer negotiations and Timing

Companies are NOT doing you a favor by offering you a job. Its an open market and market decides the price.

I don’t have anything new to say hear. everything is covered in detail in the blogs below. These blogs are gold.

A recruiter view of offers and negotiations

But I will cover things that were hard for me to internalize.

  1. Will they recede the offer if you ask them for more compensation?
  2. NO

    The cost of interviewing a candidate is way too high. So, if a company decides to make you an offer, the opportunity cost of finding someone else and negotiate with them is way too high. They would rather give you some extra compensation and sign you than take that risk.

  3. Have competing offers. Get your BATNA straight
  4. The amount of leverage this gives you is crazy. This cannot be understated. Leverage is everything in a negotiation. This is same in any industry. Look at this example from a car dealer.

  5. Treat job market as Dating market.
  6. I got this advice from a recruiter once. You need to be winnable for the company to keep you in negotiations. If they get a signal that you are not really interested, they may end things. So, keep telling them why you are interested in the company every time you ask them for more.

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