Quarantine routine during COVID-19 Pandemic

Quarantine routine during COVID-19 Pandemic

Aug 19, 2020 12:34 AM

Day 10 of #SocialDistancing #Quarantine. It’s hitting me a bit, the isolation, the silence. Things I am doing to cope.


Starting the day with this. Anything else seems impossible. Looking at the John Hopkins dashboard and then Google news. The pattern is similar. Shit’s hitting the fan, No. of stupid people are not decreasing. There are some really good memes though.


I go for a run around the block to reset my mind from the news. On average I see 5–6 people walking their dogs and it’s decreasing. But, the small 15 min run definitely helps with starting the day.

Wash Hands:

Wash hands like I mean it. Especially the thumbs and knuckles.


I make masala chai slowly just letting my thoughts flow. I share it with my housemate. Have a chat and a bit of banter. It definitely helps to have people around in the home.


Write down 3 big tasks (1.5 hr each) and 3 small tasks (15–20 min each) and do my best to finish it. I try to start a task and not get up until I finish it. This is working but I am trying to improve. Working at home is soooo difficult.

Lunch and Dinner:

I have housemates and we share cooking/cleaning duties. We try to have Lunch/Dinner together, but staying at home has messed up everyone’s Circadian rhythms.


We had stocked up enough on Day 1 and we made another run to Indian store on Day 5. We ordered online on Day 6. The exact item you order online is not in the store anyway and its a mess to communicate with the delivery person. I feel its better to go to the store.

Evening Walk:

Evening walks are amazing, especially during the sunset. It helps reset the mind and have better sleep. I make sure my hands are in my pocket all the time and use my back to open doors when possible.

Video calls:

I speak to friends and family on Whatsapp. I shamelessly call them whenever. I see that all my US friends definitely appreciate speaking to another soul :P. We have group video calls and have a bit of banter going. This definitely is helping.

Going easy:

I see that everyone I speak to or interact with is frustrated (ready to be triggered) including myself because of isolation. I try to go easy on them and keep my frustration to myself. It pays dividends to be kind especially during these times.

It sucks to be inside for so long, the inefficiency, the mundane slow day, the uncertainty of future. But, I couldn’t care less. I would do this for a year if I have to defeat that damn virus. Let me know how you are coping with things. I would love.

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