Testimonials from girls who received STEM scholarships at VFF

Testimonials from girls who received STEM scholarships at VFF

Nov 2, 2022 1:39 AM

These are the girls who were directly impacted by the donations we make at VFF-RDT. Reading these makes be double down on the commitment to continue this work and give it back to the community and those who need it the most.


She is the first in her family to go to college. Amrutalaxmi is studying science and wants to become a software engineer. She is one of the 360 recipients of the RDT STEM scholarship.

According to Amrutalaxmi, " As soon as I received the scholarship, I was confident that my dream of joining Microsoft would be a reality soon." Her father is grateful for RDT's support and said, " without this help, my daughter wouldn't be able to pursue a career in science. "Both her parents are farmers and are always concerned about how to fund their daughter's education. Amrutalaxmi wants to give her 100% so that she can inspire other girls from her community through her journey. She stays in a residential college that is 12 hours away from her home, and for her, it is a significant change to adapt and adjust, she says " it is hard to stay away from parents, but I have accepted the challenge to pursue my dream - where I want to be"


Ansurani believes in herself and in her ability to become a software engineer. Her father never thought that his daughter could be an engineer. However, I started believing in her dreams when she was selected for the scholarship. Her father, Somsekhar, said: " I distributed sweets in the community as soon as I received the news of my daughter's scholarship." Ansuarani added, " In our community, sweets are usually distributed when a boy is born, but my father set an example by distributing sweets because I got the scholarship." Ansurani is a very determined student who wants to complete her study with good grades to get a good job to support her parents.


Navya is the eldest of three sisters and considers herself the family's backbone. Navya wants to be an aerospace engineer. When asked why she is so determined to become an aerospace engineer at this young age, she said, " APJ Abdul Kalam is my ideal; his journey motivates me to keep going. APJ went through so many challenges because of poverty, and so did I. Kalam's Wings of Fire is my favorite book, and I want to keep that fire intact to fight all challenges and reach my dream." Navya also helps her sisters with their studies and inspires other classmates to follow their dreams. In addition, Navya loves to read motivational books and wants to be a motivational speaker to share her journey with the world and inspire many. When asked as an Aeronautical engineer where she would prefer to work: NASA or ISRO? Within a moment, she retorted, "ISRO" I want to do more for my country.