Why and how I created this website

Why and how I created this website

Jan 2, 2021 12:47 PM

As an academic, I believe that having a website is very important for three reasons.

  1. Showcasing who I am and what I do at one place.
  2. Write a blog on all things I learn and publish, as I believe blog-style writing is easier to read and accessible than most research papers.
  3. Keep track of what I am up to so I don't have to recall everything at once when needed.

There are many ways to achieve this. However, I was looking for a tool with the following criteria.

  1. Lowest number of steps between writing something and that content appearing on the Internet
  2. Low cost.

Sites like Squarespace achieves the first but not the second, tools like GitHub pages (academic pages theme) do the vice versa. I use Notion because it achieves both. This is not the main selling point of Notion. Notion is more of a task organizer/note-taking tool.

All I do to publish content is edit in Notion's website/Desktop client and everything is updated on the web without any code in real-time. It's happening as I am writing this text without pushing any buttons. This was a game-changer. I started to write more and put more things on the website.

I had to do a one-time set up so that the notion directs the content to my custom nameserver and domain. That's where FRUITION comes in. Just follow the instructions on this page and you can have a website based on Notion in minutes. I use the icons from The Noun Project to make everything on the website look clean.

Best way to reach me is via Twitter or LinkedIn DM’s