Zattlekasten method and Template

Nov 23, 2022 8:43 PM

What is zattlekasten?

Its a note taking and information synthesizing system.

Why zattlekasten?

  • Note in Notes, Keep, Notion, Obsedian, mind
  • Different sizes, contexts
  • That lasts and stands the test of time and actually useful rather than just an info dump.
  • Enables us to connect thoughts rather than just info dump. its impossible to do it in current note taking format. It unlocks new possibilitite.s
  • Forces you to revisit, connect and be concise.
  • At the end all you have is very condensed interconnected thoughts rather than bunch of useless notes.

Key thoughts

“It is not important where you place a new note as long as you can link to it.”

  1. It’s hyper-textual.
  2. It adheres to the Principle of Atomicity.
  3. It is personal.

Connection is priority - not collecting