The effect of emerging online new media on traditional media consumption. the case of eSports and Traditional Sports

Published in Working Paper, 2018

Internet changed the way people consume media every day. People read their news online, catch their favorite TV show online and stay in touch with their friends online. There are many studies that investigate how online media affects online traditional incumbents. However, we do not know how new forms of entertainment that are created and exist only on the internet like Vlogging, Podcasts, eSports affect traditional media consumption. In this paper, we investigate this question in the context of eSports viewing, a new leisure activity afforded by the internet and exists only on the internet. We study how eSports effect one of the most favorite leisure time activity of Americans, watching sports on TV. We use panel data on the TV viewership of popular traditional sports and exogenous scheduling of popular eSports watched in the United States in order to estimate the effect that eSports have on traditional sports viewership. Though we find the negative relationship indicating that traditional sports viewership drops on the days’ eSports are scheduled, we do not find a statistically significant effect with the data at hand. Download paper here