Meet me

Meet me

I have stopped doing these for the near future. But do send me ane mail or message on twitter and I will reply if I get time.

Reach out to me if you want to discuss Research, Data Science, Experimentation, getting into Ph.D programs, getting tech jobs from Ph.D, about Ph.D program at the University of Minnesota, working at Apple, Google or anything in general. Message me on Linkedin or Twitter

If it is something more formal, you can hire me by donating to the cause I believe in. More on that below.

I can help you with:

  1. Mock Interview for Coding, Case study, Behavioral interviews for data science jobs.
  2. Offer negotiation with companies. (The earlier in the process you reach out to me regarding this, the better)
  3. Resume and cover letter review for Data Scientist jobs. (Deep dive into why you are not getting call backs)
  4. Preparation strategy and resources for Data Scientist jobs (specifically in AB testing and Causal Inference).
  5. Strategizing your transition from Academia to Industry.
  6. Causal Inference methods consultation.
  7. Experiment design / AB Testing consultation.
  8. Evaluating MS vs. PhD paths.
  9. Set up your personal website on Notion.
  10. Getting started on Notion for managing your content/thoughts.

Some testimonials here

If you are a working professional, I would prefer you donate to the cause below in exchange for my time. I will match your donation too. For one hour of my time, I prefer you donate $80. That’s $160 donation with match from my side. is my preferred charity as the social issue of free education is close to my heart and I have seen their work first hand.

More about why VFF. Why I donate to Vincent Ferrer FoundationWhy I donate to Vincent Ferrer Foundation and Testimonials from girls who received STEM scholarships at VFFTestimonials from girls who received STEM scholarships at VFF through donations so far.

If it is just a casual chat, no need to do anything :)

If you are a student, consultation is always free. Just pay it forward :)

$8000 donated so far
$240 donated to Ukrainian relief

Best way to reach me is via Twitter or LinkedIn DM’s

Email me at

You can send a message here too.